Shopping in Istanbul’s Asian Side: Malls & Bazaars

Istanbul’s Asian side is like a shopping paradise with local town bazaars, shopping streets and dozens of shopping centers & malls. Istanbul’s Asian side offers a cheaper shopping compared to the European side. Because you know that the European side is for tourists, and the Asian side is for local people 🙂

Let’s see where is the cheapest shopping place in the Asian side of Istanbul, and where is the best place for shopping. Shall we start?


There are many places for shopping in Asian side of Istanbul. The best way is to start with the famous shopping streets. You can usually find the stores of world famous brands on these streets. These shopping stores in the Anatolian side of Istanbul generally offer cheaper shopping.

Bagdat Street

Bagdat Street is one of the two most important streets of Istanbul, along with Taksim Istiklal Street. It takes its name from the city of Baghdat, but I don’t know why it was named. There is a proverb in Turkish “all roads go to Baghdad” maybe that’s why…

Shopping in Bagdat Street is very enjoyable. You can visit the shops without being crowded on a wide and enjoyable street.


Bahariye Street


Bahariye Street is located in the center of Kadikoy district. Prices are slightly cheaper than Baghdad street. There are lots of shopping stores and shops that usually sell clothing, cosmetics and local products.

Nostalgic tram passes through the middle of the street 🙂 You can reach from the Kadikoy ferry port on foot.


There are dozens of big shopping malls in the Asian Side of Istanbul. You can spend all day in each shopping mall. You can find quality products at affordable prices in shopping malls. Some also have outlet products.

Optimum Outlet

Optimum Mall is a unique shopping point where you can find outlet clothing products. You can reach it by getting off at the Yenisahra station of the M4 metro departing from Kadikoy. It is open until 22 o’clock.


Watergarden İstanbul


Watergarden is one of the most beautiful shopping centers in Istanbul Asian Side. It has a water garden just like its name. After shopping, you can taste Turkish dishes in very nice restaurants. There are also water light shows. The mall has its own parking lot.

Emaar Square

Emaar square is one of the new shopping centers of the Asian side of Istanbul. You can find shops of luxury brands here. It is open until 22 o’clock.


Viaport Asia Pendik


Viaport is the cheapest shopping center of Istanbul’s Asian Side. It has quite a large area. There are dozens of stores. Prices are really cheap as there are usually outlet stores. Transportation is a bit difficult. You can go by taxi.

Hilltown AVM

Hilltown is also a new shopping mall. It is both a shopping center and a nice place to spend time. You can reach it by getting off at the Kucukyali stop of the M4 metro departing from Kadikoy. It is open until 22 o’clock.


Other shopping malls & centers that we can recommend you to go to in Istanbul’s Asian Side

  • Piazza Shopping Mall
  • Palladium Mall
  • Capitol Mall
  • Brandium
  • Buyaka


Street markets are one of the most famous forms of shopping in Istanbul. They are usually organized on a single day per week. Their names are determined by the district they are located in and the day they are organized.

You can buy food and clothing thigs with very cheap prices. Also, street markets are a wonderful experience for a tourist.

Kadikoy Tuesday Market

Kadikoy Tuesday Market is a very historical street market. I recommend you to go because it is very close to the center of Kadikoy


Erenkoy Luxury Street Market

Erenkoy is a district usually where people with high socio-cultural level generally live. That’s why it’s called the luxury (society) market.


Beykoz Street Market

Beykoz is a town in the north of the Asian side of Istanbul. It is a bit difficult to reach for tourists, but there is a nice and historic street market.